How to add Internet Explorer 8 WebSlice features in your blog

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As I pointed out in a previous article of mine where I describe what’s hot in the new  Internet Explorer 8, one of its most remarkable features is the new WebSlice implementation.  But what is it, exactly? Well, a WebSlice is nothing else than a button-like option which, once clicked, shows you what changes a certain website has got. All this is performed without visiting the website itself but, as I said before, by clicking a simple button located on the Favorites Bar of your IE 8 browser. Of course this rule can be applied to anything else located within a website including, comments, list of the authors, list of the upcoming posts etc. There is not limit to what you can do with it! Here is a list of things you can add and check with your WebSlices. If you are a blogger or a webmaster, to let your readers use this new feature and take full advantage of its benefits, you will have to add a small code in your web pages.

How to enable WebSlices in  your WordPress blog or in any other CMS.

What you have to do and add is rather simple indeed. As a matter of fact it is sufficient to wrap your content with this piece of code:

<div class=“hslice” id=”What the webslice talks about”>
<h2 class=“entry-title”>Title</h2>
This is what I want to show in the WebSlice

Keep in mind that the “hslice” and “entry-title” attributes don’t have to be changed as they are used by Internet Explorer 8 to show the content of your blog in the WebSlices. Of course between the <div> and the </div> you can decide to add whatever you want including piece of PHP code giving whatever result you wish.

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