How to capture and share everything in the Internet

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Internet is a wonderful place full of interesting and free things to grab and keep. No doubt. It is very easy to save images, pictures, documents, text etc. from the  Web in your computer in order to have a big “repository” to open and use whenever you want. Anyway, the amount of information is so vast that you might wish to have a handy tool letting you grab whatever you want with a couple of clicks and without particular efforts. It would also be nice to organize this big quantity of files and documents in the best way possible, isn’t it? Here is a simple, free tool able to fulfill your wishes to own a tidy and organized Web archive!

SimplyBox is a simple tool which lets you capture, share and organize everything available on the Internet. The way it works is quite easy. It is sufficient to sign-up and create an account in the SimplyBox website, download its nice toolbar and you are done! Next time you surf the Internet and you come across a website containing a nice picture or an interesting article, all you’ll have to do is click on the toolbar, “wrap” whatever you want within the website,  capture it and save it in your online box, or alternatively send it to whoever you want. Other features include:

  • Save headlines, paragraphs articles, pictures, logos and videos in two clicks.
  • Share everything with your friends or groups by e-mail, RSS or with the Interactive box.
  • organize your stuff with the easy drag-and-drop feature.

If you want to know more, visit the official website.

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