How to delete your account from MySpace

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myspaceThere are so  many social networks nowadays, that it is very easy to get confused and pick one which is not tailored for your needs. In case you opened an account on  MySpace only to find out that it was not what you were looking for, here is the procedure to delete and cancel it permanently. (If you want to delete your Facebook account, here is the procedure)

  1. Access to your MySpace account.
  2. In the upper-right part of your account page, click My Account.
  3. Under the Setting menu, between Contact info and Password, click Account.
  4. Under Account Cancellation, click Cancel Account.
  5. Now, select the appropiate reason why you have decided to delete your account and click the Cancel my Account button.
  6. At this point MySpace should have sent to your e-mail box an e-mail containing a link to complete the cancellation procedure. Well, Click it.
  7. The link will take you to the final Cancellation page.
  8. Again, click the Cancel My Account button. (Do you see how MySpace is making so difficult to cancel an account?)
  9. Done! The cancellation process will take up to 48 hours.

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