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adsenseAnother weird Google behaviour is happening during these very hours all around the world. As a matter of fact, Google Adsense is displaying very contradictory reports as far as Page Impression results are concerned. I got aware of all this yesterday when, after opening my Adsense account, I saw something out-of-place.

In fact here is my yesterday’s reports:

Adsense for Content   Clicks         CTR         eCPM    Earnings

Tot. Impress.     4,436     XXX     X,XX%        $X,XX     $X,XX
channel A             2,362     XXX     X,XX%         $X,XX     $X,XX
channel B              2,364     XXX     X,XX%         $X,XX    $X,XX
Channel C             2,354     XXX     X,XX%         $X,XX     $X,XX

As you see the Total Page Impressions does  not match with the results reported on each customized channel.  As far as today is concerned this kind of bug  seems to be on the rise. Here is what Google Adsense shows in my account:

Adsense for Content   Clicks         CTR         eCPM    Earnings

Tot. Impress.   1,829        XXX     X,XX%        $X,XX    $X,XX
channel A             614         XXX     X,XX%         $X,XX     $X,XX
Channel B             604        XXX     X,XX%         $X,XX    $X,XX
Channel C             612         XXX     X,XX%         $X,XX     $X,XX

As far as I can see the whole thing has got even worst since the Total Impression report is  pretty high and is already more than three times higher than the ones reported in the channels. Yesterday instead it was “just” twice the reports showed in the customed channels. If you want to know more about what’s up with Adsense, here are a couple of hot links talking about Adsense weird behaviour: Adsense Help Forum first thread, Adsense help Forum second thread.

Lately, Google has showed funny behaviours as far as  its produts are concerned. You might want to read these articles of mine on Google reporting “This Site is harmful for your coomputer” for all websites and Adsense and Adword not working properly.

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One Comment to “Weird Google Adsense behaviour”

  1. MrGroove Says:

    Did you confirm the channels do not appear on the same pages? That’s one way to get dupe reports in Adsense.

    MrGroove´s last blog post..Google Integrates Analytics and AdSense FINIALLY

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