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Rapidshare is one the most known websites in the Internet where users can upload and download tons of files without any program and without staying on queue for a long time. (Waiting a lot of time is a thing which is well-known to clients for the ED2K and de-centralized Kad networks such E-mule). If you still want to improve the way you download files from Rapidshare because you don’t want to wait for the resources to be available (the famous countdown) or because you want to download more than 1 file, here is a freeware solution for you.

Rapidshare Auto Download is a nice, free download manager for the Rapidshare website. Here is a list of its most important features:

  • Download a group of links from  Rapidshare (one by one).
  • Download incomplete downloads until all links are downloaded.
  • Auto Shutdown.
  • Support of 3 Languages : English , Farsi , French.
  • No more wait for the link to be generated!
  • Versatile schedule for your downloads.

If you want to know more, or if you just want to download it, visit the official website.

[Thanks, DanielRemains for providing me with the right, working link]

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9 Comments to “How to download files from Rapidshare without waiting”

  1. joseph ferrante Says:

    The fucking thing is useless you still have to wait between downloads and you said it avoids the waiting time youre so full of shit its coming out of your ears.

  2. kevin garnett Says:

    Actually, there is no need it coz you can download rapidshare’s files through the filetram.com search engine.

  3. John Says:

    I’ve just downloaded it and I’m being made to wait. Not happy.

  4. moinuddin Says:

    hey guysssssss i m tired to find free downloading trick from rapidshare
    please help me
    reply me on

  5. rakesh Says:

    to download files from rapidshare ,megaupload, gigasize, hotfile

    go to


    no download required
    supports download manager

    main thing is it is freee

  6. Mr Akheel Says:

    Hi Friends. My name is Mohammed Akheel. I want to share with you one amzing trick of rapidshare.. How to Download Multiple files without waiting.. here is the answer.. Go to Google.com & than search “Internet Download Manager” and download that software.. After installation complete. restart your Window Explorer (Not System -only internet Explorer”). Now go to Rapidshare website, search for your file.. When waiting season start, Right click any where in window, Select “Downoad All Links With IDM”. Select Your file names “Eg: http://w361.rapidshare/11251/Internet_Download.rar(1), (2), (3).” select all related names file.. there will be 11 files wirh same name.. select them all and than “OK”. All files will start downloading… It’s True.. I try…

    E-Mail : aqeel_softs@yahoo.com

  7. Roshan Says:

    Just downloading it… need to try.. tks anyways

  8. Web Talk Says:

    Thanks. At the time I posted the article the link was working, of course. Anyway, I have fixed the link, giving credit for your “job” 😉

  9. DanielRemains Says:

    I went to that http://www.vsoft.ir/ and it redirected me to http://rapidautodl.blogfa.com/ so I guess they changed website.. The new link for download (from Softpedia) is:


    I havn’t tried it yet but it looks good 😀

    DanielRemains´s last blog post..Re: windows 7 build 7140 FAKE

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