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During this time of economic crisis it would be nice to get a laptop without spending a lot of bucks, isnt’ it? Sadly, the guys at Apple don’t think like that and continue producing expensive computers  which not everybody can afford to buy. That’s the case of Lauren who, on a strict $1000 budget, would love to buy a laptop with a big screen. But, hey! this is the new anti-Apple Microsoft ads! So what do you think? Is it not cool enough to be a Mac person?


By the way, if you would like to contact Lauren and tell her how cool she is (well, or the other way around if you are a Mac person…), here is her Facebook personal page!

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2 Comments to “Microsoft ads says you are not cool if you are a Mac person”

  1. Web Talk Says:

    Yes, that’s right. Apart from this I think that Microsoft could spare us from this bad example of ads. If a person wants to buy a Mac it means that he has got strong points and a firm will and an ads like the one offered by Microsoft, wont make him change his mind.

  2. Microsoft Ads Says:

    Now, I have never had a Mac myself so I can’t really have an opinion about PC vs. Mac. What I know is Mac has a fan base that defend the brand with their lives.

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