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My blog is hosted at Bluhost.com: a cheap web hosting provider with a really superb support and a wonderful Cpanel rich of features. That said, lately I have been looking around in order to give Web Talk  more resources to face a growing increase in terms of visitors (at the time I am writing I have around 2.500 daily visitors) and articles ( I have written around 1.300 articles so far) . Looking for more resources, most of time means looking for a better hosting provider, and looking for a better hosting provider means to get a company offering VPS or dedicated servers (Bluehost just offers shared servers). Since my experience with Bluehost.com has been quite positive so far (well, apart from the  24th of December 2008 where my blog was deactivated with no warning. Naughty Bluehost!) a couple of days ago I decided to contact (again) their sale support and know if there was something  boiling in the pot. As usual, I got the same reply namely: ” No, we do not have any VPS or dedicated server. If you are looking for something like that I advice you to move your blog to this hosting provider www.xyz.com”.  What? What kind of reply is this? Is it possible that their sale support advice me to look somewhere else, also providing me the web address of their “competitor” ? That’s why I decided to write an e-mail to Matt Heaton, the President and CEO of Bluehost.com, to know something more. Here is my e-mail and his short reply which make me understand that something is really boiling in the pot for Bluehost clients!

Hello Matt,
I am a customer of yours. I have a blog hosted on Bluehost and I am really happy with it. I have been with you for over a year and so far so good. I am here to ask you if you think to get  VPS or dedicated servers. In fact my blog is getting bigger and bigger and a lot of people are visiting it. Despite I keep optimizing it on a weekly basis (no joke)  I see that I am getting slow queries (nothing to worry about since their time is 2 or 3 server seconds or whatever it is. I also know pretty well that this is due to the fact that I am on a shared server). I would really hate to leave your servers because, believe it or not, I am fond of Bluehost!

The sad part of it all is that every now and then I ask to your employees (via chat, the one on the Bluehost homepage) if there are any news about dedicated or vps servers. Do you know what they reply to me?  “We don’t have any plan. I advice you to go to xyz.com” . Can you believe it? Now, I know pretty well that you have over a million websites hosted, but it is also true that quality is better than quantity and a lot of people would love to pay more to stay with Bluehost (including me). Do you think that in a near future I will be lucky enough to see vps or dedicated servers on Bluehost? Do you plan to buy more powerful servers or at least to not oversell the ones you have? Thanks and keep the good work up.

A satisfied customer!

Matt Heaton prophetic answer: “We are working on something that no one else has.  It will  be announced in the next month or two.  I think it will do exactly what you want.”

So what do you think? Are you excited, happy, discontent, angry or what? Do you know something more about Bluehost future?

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4 Comments to “Bluehost’s Future: VPS and Dedicated Servers!”

  1. Pico RG Says:

    Thanks for clearing that out to everybody. I think that everybody needs to be guided through this terms.
    Managing hosting service is not an easy task and that should be also mentioned.
    DEDICATED – The Whole server is yours
    VPS – Virtual partition on server is yours
    Reseller – You resell your own buyed or free hosting service

  2. Web Talk Says:

    hello Jared,
    actually Matt made his announcement some time ago. Read here:

  3. Jared Says:

    BlueHost definately need to get a solution going on this. I started out using them for dev servers, but with Ruby on Rails applications I would prefer to be able to keep it all naitve and avoid migrations. I would be happy if I never had to migrate a solution again! At this point I do not open any new accounts with them specifically because they do not have this type of solution.

    Furthermore, it has been a “month or two”. I hope the announcement is coming soon!

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