How to remove Conficker C Worm

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So, the feared 1st of April has arrived. This day, according to many rumors on the Internet, is supposed to set off a global Cofincker infection with the primary goal to destroy as many computers as possible (Conficker, once it infects a PC,  attempts to download files from a list of addresses, redirects DNS requests to certain websites and stops a lot of Windows applications) . I have already written about this virus and you might want to read this article of mine on how to prevent Conficker to infect your computer. If you are reading this article and well, it is already too late because the dreaded virus is already scouring your machine, here is a fast solution to defeat the Conficker worm. Don’t worry! The solution is quite easy and incredible fast.

As a matter of fact, it is sufficent to follow these easy steps to remove the virus:

  1. Download this tool remover from Symantec and save it to your desktop computer.
  2. Burn the file on a CD or DVD.
  3. Close all applications and open windows in your computer. Also, disconnect it from the Internet.
  4. Turn Off System Restore.
  5. Click and execture the file you burned on the CD or DVD.
  6. Click “I Accept” and right after that ” Start” and let the application scan and remove Conficker from your system.
  7. Once everything is done, reboot your machine and run the application again. (A sort of double-check).
  8. Done!

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