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bill-gatesAround 9.00 US time Web Talk got an E-mail from Bill Gates (yes, the Microsoft’s  Chairman). The mail was address to me, the owner of Web Talk. Despite the fact that Bill Gates asked me not to reveal important details of his e-mail nor the phone conversation we had a couple of hours later, I can tell you that I am quite bewildered, proud and extremely happy.

As a matter of fact,  Bill (he was very polite by the way, and after I referred to him as Mr. Gates, he said that his name was Bill and to use it from then on), after reading the content of my blog and the different topics it covers, said that he was interested in buying it or at least to have some kind of partnership with it. The amount of money he is willing to pay in order to acquire Web Talk is some  thousands dollars (I am sorry but I can not tell you more) and that if I won’t accept what he offers me, I can name a price and “he will see what he can do about it”. The reason of his interest toward Web Talk  is that he loves it! In fact, after a starting shyness, he “unbuttoned” his mouth confessing  that he is a passionate readers of my blog and that, every now and then, he even posts some comments always using different nicknames. He reads Web Talk usually in the morning before going to work or play golf. Plus he likes its web-address. In fact webtlk was the  nickname he used for the first “beta” (or whatever it was called back in the ’80) of  Internet Explorer, where the words T, L, K stand for the initials of the names of the guys who helped him to compile what was going to be the first web browser ever made.

Anyway, I just said to him that I was not interested in selling my blog, because I love blogging and that it is almost a kind of drug for me. Bill was so nice to ask me to make a price. He even insisted a couple of times. After my denials (and I was very firm with my decision, despite Bill was almost begging me…well, not so sure about it…) I proposed  that I would have loved to have a partnership with him and Microsoft. Believe it or not, after my words he was so happy that I heard him giggling over the phone, thanking me to no end! So that’s the deal. He will write a post a weekon Web Talk  (without writing his name, of course) and in return I will get:

  • Free copies, for me, my family and friends of the next Microsoft operating systems till 2050 where he believes Microsoft will be overcome by Linux.
  • A life income. (sorry I can not tell you more about it).
  • His modded Mac Book Pro where, when you boot it, a logon screen greets you saying: “Sorry! I am too cool to be a Mac person. That’s why I prefer Windows!”. Of course, the laptop has got a brand new Windows 7 operating system. He also said that he had to get his Windows 7 copy from the Pirate Bay since his company (well, he always refers to Microsoft as his company, but I guess it is not really his anymore) was not confident to give a beta vesion in his awkward hands.
  • A copy of his next book entitled : How to be a sexy, fantastillion millionaire by creating a couple of…windows (and they are not even made out of wood).

Yes, without doubt this has been the best day of my life! Hope you will get a day like this!


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7 Comments to “Web Talk contacted by Bill Gates”

  1. ed Says:

    Happy April Fools to you too!

  2. Neville Salvetti Says:

    It is good it is a partnership and that he did not try and control it. It is good to see yourewarded of your labours also.

  3. mmg1818 Says:

    Bill Gates = Vista 7

  4. Web Talk Says:

    Cavolo, mi hai scoperto! 😉

  5. Andrea Sandri Says:

    Fatti dare più soldi, comunque se lo vedo scritto anche il 2 di aprile o un altro giorno ti credo…

  6. Web Talk Says:

    Ciao Andrea! Bhe modestamente! La classe non e’ acqua! 😉

  7. Andrea Sandri Says:

    Scusa se ti scrivo in italiano…comunque Francesco sei un grande!
    Non sono l’unico che guarda il sito tutti i giorni!!
    Credo che questo ti abbia pagato molto più del web advertising!


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