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Starting yesterday Google has started updating the pageranks of all websites and blogs in the Internet. This caused the famous Google Everflux. Most of Google datacenters, scattered all over the world, are still crunching the data and this means that a lot of them are not fully updated yet but, as many webmasters and bloggers have noticed, there is already a lot of stir for the upcoming results. If you have got a Google toolbar you will see that, upon hitting the refresh button on your browser, a lot of websites’ pageranks will flicker accordingly showing different values. For example, Web Talk pagerank is 2 but if I click the refresh button on my Firefox browser a couple of times, a wonderful pagerank 5 will appear! If you own a website or a blog and you want to see what’s going on in the different Google datacenters, I advice you to use this excellent service called DigPagerank. As usual, a lot, really a lot of people have started asking the same questions in the Internet as far as SERP, website traffic and SEO are concerned.  Here is a brief list of the most common FAQ.

1)Q: Will my blog get more traffic if I get a higher pagerank? A: No, the pagerank has nothing to do with traffic. It is only an old value Google still uses to determine how popular a website is. This value can be “tweaked” thanks to certain tricks and optimizations. This lets you understand how little reliable a pagerank is. Also, the changes you see in the pagerank are the results of certain information Google has gradually implemented in the SERP during previous updates.  So, when a new pagerank comes up, it is just showing you  old (up to three months) data.

2)Q: Will I earn more money if I get a higher pagerank? A: It depends. A lot of advertising programs are based on Google Pagerank, among the other things. So in this case, if you are part of one of those programs yes, you will earn more money. If you are with Google Adsense well, I think that you will get the same amount of  money  as before, since the bid, advertisers are willing to pay for each click,  is determined on other things than the pagerank. The most important ones are: keywords and traffic.

3)Q: With this update I went from pagerank 4 to pagerank 2 (example). I didn’t do anything! What’s wrong with my blog?  A: Probabily nothing. As a matter of fact, as I said before,  you won’t loose any traffic. The most obvious thing is that some websites deleted their links (also called backlinks) to your website so that you lost  “juice”. That’s it. Other possible causes are: you made some change in your blog such as you changed your theme, you used some not-well-optimized redirects,  you under-optimized your website using bad-black  SEO , you sold or bought links (which is forbidden by Google), ecessive reciprocal linking etc. These latest causes will affect your SERP but well, in these cases you are the sole culprit of what is happening!

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2 Comments to “Google Pagerank update”

  1. Web Talk Says:

    Hello and thanks for posting here,
    as far as I can see in my google toolbar, your blog has not gained any pagerank. I also chacked some Google datacenters and I saw the same thing. Keep in mind that when you check Google pagerank under the update you might see fluctuations in your Google green bar. The reason is that all datacenters are being updated. What I see from my little analysis is that your blog has got very few backlinks (only 290 for Yahoo! Explorer). You should concentrate on them if you want to get a higher pagerank which, as I have already said a lot of times, won’t increase your blog traffic.


  2. Adi Says:

    I just given PR2 in the last update
    But now when I check it on some PR checker site it shows 0
    Anybody knows what’s going on??

    Adi´s last blog post..Game Mafia Wars Di Facebook

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