How to make your children surf safely

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This is not the first time that Web Talk speaks about “remedies” to protect your children while surfing the Web or using the computer. You may want to read these articles on how to filter websites, block bad sites in Internet Explorer and restrict access to certain programs. Anyway, if you are concerned about the Internet and all its perils more than anything else, here is an efficient and secure browser thought for children to let them surf safely, and parents for their peace of mind.

KidZui is a freeware browser specifically made for children.  In fact, from videos to web content, from controls to specific features, everything in KidZui rotates around children and the best way to protect them.  But what can you find in it which can be useful and funny at the same time for your beloved children? Well, practically you can find…everything! Games, videos, cartoons, pictures, websites, Disney cartoons and programs are just a few thing s your children will be able to find, without forgetting the  Math Playground containing educational games such as Thinking blocks, Computation, Programming and  Flashcards. Of course parents will be able to filter the content displayed on KidZui thanks to a Parental Control section containing everything you need to “watch” your children while they discover new things out.  Like I said, KidZui comes for free. Anyway for $29.95 per year you will be able to add more content to the browser such as: Block individual websites, Kid’s online activity graphed for 90 days, Unlock extra features by gaining levels, Homework Helper, Watch as friends come online & share new stuff etc.

If you want to know more or if you want to download it, visit the official website.

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