Next iPhone and iPod to have better wi-fi?

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iphoneAccording to many rumors this is what will happen in a near future! As a matter of fact, with the release of the latest iPhone 3.0 firmware beta, it looks like from its specs that  the future iPhone and iPod generations will be powered by 802.11n chips providing better performance than the not-so-new 802.11a/b/g. Actually, the two Apple devices have  a Broadcom chip featuring an improved low power consumption management. Well, according to a lot of people this is a clear sign that Apple is addressing its interests towards a better wi-fi chip. As a matter of fact, improved wi-fi chips have the “bad reputation” of draining a lot of power. Well, with the Broadcom chip this won’t happen! Despite all this rumors, nobody wnow when a possible upgrade of the two Apple devices will be.

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