How to watch YouTube videos in peace

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I have already spoken about how to watch your YouTube videos without being bothered by useless comments and annotations. Anyway, I want to  examine this topic  more because, every time I watch a video I am bothered and irritated more and more by all its surrounding which, more than relaxing, sidetracks and agitates me to no end.

The hack I want to talk about is similar to the one  whose link is reported at the beginning of this post. It is sufficient to drag the Javascript code to the browser’s bookmark bar, to enjoy YouTube videos without comments and other useless links. As a matter of fact, this link will open a page where ONLY the video is displayed, for your peace of mind. The way to make this piece of  code work is pretty easy. Whenever you want to watch a YouTube video, just open the video in YouTube itself and right after that click the javascript bookmark. Reading from the official Quietube website: ” To watch web videos without the comments and crap, just drag the button below to your browser’s bookmarks bar. On any of the supported video pages, click the bookmark button to watch in peace. You can then make short URLs too, to send the quietube version to your friends.”

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