Google Profile adds Vanity URL feature

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If you have got a Google Profile you might be interested in this new feature giving you the option to get a vanity URL. But, what is it exactly? Well, as you know Google Profile web address is not very easy to remember. In fact, it looks like this: www.google.com/profiles/1122334455. Obviously, that’s not the best solution if you are looking for some visibility in the Internet, without talking about the fact that it is quite difficult to remember. Google, very aware of this  little issue, has decided to let you choose and modify it  in something easier to see and remember. So, you could turn your Google Profile address  to something like this for example: www.google.com/profiles/Web_Talk. Keep in mind that, once you have modified the address you won’t be able to change it later, so be careful to pick the right name which fits and represents you and your needs in the best way! As a second option, Google gives you also the opportunity to change your profile address by using your Gmail username, in case you own one of it. If you wish to change your Google Profile web address now, just click this link.

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