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A few weeks ago I spoke about nice free Greasemonkey scripts able to improve the way you use your Gmail account.  Still fascinated by those little pieces of code I have decided to write another article speaking about free Bookmarklets able to improve your beloved browser.  I am really in love with them for many reasons. As a matter of fact fact, despite the options they add to the browser  which look like the ones offered by famous add-ons, these Bookmarklets are entirely something different, mainly due to the fact that they are not tied to a specific browser. But let’s see what I mean.

Let me be straight. These Bookmarkets, differently from the common add-ons which only work for a certain program (for example, an add-on working in Firefox won’t work in Chrome at all), run indifferently on all the main browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google, Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc. Other benefits coming from using Bookmarklets are:

  1. No need to update them if your browser gets an upgrade.
  2. No installation required!
  3. Very well optimized for all browsers. This mean that they won’t slow any software down.

Here is a list of the most useful Bookmarlets:

  1. Twitter Reaction: Track all of the conversations linked to a certain webpage.
  2. Get ScreenShot: Get a snapshot of any website in the web browsers so that you will be able to upload it to Flickr, Blogger, Evernote etc.
  3. Short URL: Get a shorter URL of any website by using bit.ly.
  4. Translate to English: Translate any foreign language on any webpage to English.
  5. Show hidden passwords: This show any password on any webpages masked behind asterisks.
  6. PrintWhatYouLike: It formats any website for printing, also letting you save  changes locally as a PDF file.
  7. Gmail This!: Select any text on a website and send it via Gmail.
  8. Sitonomy: Analyze a webpages in all its aspects. Advertising partners, their web stats program, what web server are they etc.
  9. Download PDF: Download websites in PDF format.
  10. Google Trend: Find out the importance of any website.

If you want to know how to install these Bookmarklet, watch the video below.

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