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Has it ever happened to you to get a file via e-mail having an unknown (or never head of) extension  and you don’t know what software to use to open it? Well, if the file has got a .DLL extension this should not be an issue, since I have already written how to handle it and where to retrieve such a kind of file, but what are you going to do with other files? Well, that’s not an issue anymore, thanks to a small application which will advise you for the best!

Openwith.org is an amazing website having an amazing software! As a matter of fact, its OpenWith.org Desktop Tool will help you understand what file you are dealing with, also recommending  what freeware application you need to open it. It can also automatically download any  free programs it knows about. All you have to do is “…right click on a file and select “How do I open this?” and the OpenWith.org Desktop Tool will look up the file!”

If you want to know more, visit the official website. If you want to download it right away, click here.

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One Comment to “How to know what software to use to open an unknown file”

  1. Abhimanyu Says:

    In order to get rid of this problem and find a suitable way to discover the appropriate program for an unknown file type, you can check out the OpenWith.org Desktop Tool.


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