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internetexplorerAs you know, the new Internet Explorer 8 has got the Refresh and Stop buttons after the address bar, far away from the Back and Forward buttons which are located on the top right side of the browser. If you want to group all these buttons together so that you won’t get crazy moving your pointer from one side to the other of your screen, here is a nice trick which might be quite useful to you.

  1. Open Internet Explorer 8.
  2. Right-click on the Tab Bar. A new drop-down menu should appear.
  3. On this menu, click Customize and select Show Stop and Refresh Buttons before Address Bar.
  4. Done!

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One Comment to “How to place the Refresh and Stop buttons before the address bar”

  1. Mr. Spark Says:

    Nice tip…. Thanks;)

    Mr. Spark´s last blog post..Windows 7 RC will be released on 5th May

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