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In the Internet there are a lot of free applications which let you have some of the new Windows 7 utilities in your Windows Vista and XP. You might wish to have a look at these articles of mine talking about on how to get the nice Windows 7 calculator in your Vista and how to install Windows 7 Aero Snap in Vista. Recently I came across a nice utility which is able to add to your Windows XP the nice stylish Windows 7 Volume Control box.
The Windows 7 Volume Control Box is something unique and highly useful. As a matter of fact, it has got a nice Graphic interface and a lot of details of Device Volumes. If you wish to port it to your Windows XP, here is the link to download a free application which will turn your boring  volume control box to the gourgeous volume control available in Windows 7. To install the application in your Windows XP, just go to C:\windows\system32, find sndvol.exe and make a backup of it. Press Win+R and type dllcache in the box, click ok, copy the sndvol.exe to the window that opens. Then go to C:\windows\system32 again and copy the new sndvol.exe there too. If it doesn’t work repeat that operation.

Additionally you can replace sndvol.exe in Safe mode.

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