Google adds one-line sitelinks in the search result

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Has it ever happened to you to make a Google search and get, as first search result, a link with  two-column sitelinks? Sitelinks  “enable users to jump directly to important parts of a site, which is often useful for large, complex websites. Sitelinks have the additional advantage of giving users an overview of a website’s content by highlighting some of the popular parts of the site.” Such links are generated algorithmically on the expected benefit to users. Well, from now on a single row of links can  appear for results that didn’t show sitelinks before, even for results that aren’t in the first position. Up to 4 sitelinks can  be shown right above the URL of a website. This change will benefit both users and webmaster. As a matter of fact, now users will be able to jump to important part of a website containing important information. For webmaster this means that their website  will get more visibility as well as traffic. Anyway, if you are a webmaster and you don’t like the single row of links you can always block a page from appearing as a sitelink for 90 days through Webmaster Tools.

[Thanks Scott]

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