How to download multiple files from Rapidshare

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If you download a lot of files from Rapidshare you know pretty well how boring is to download and handle its links manually one-by-one. Let’s see how we can automate the whole process to let you dedicate to something else.

Rapidshare Auto Download is a nice freeware utility which lets you handle and download your Rapidshare files in an automatic way. Just enter the links in the application and forget about them. Its most important features are:

-Download a group of links from rapidshare (one by one).
-Download incomplete downloads until all links are downloaded.
-Autoshutdown feature
-Load and save the download list.
-check for new versions automatically.
-Support of 3 Languages : English , Farsi , French

If you want to know more or if you want to download the software right away, click here.

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