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Has it ever happened to you to be in the middle of writing an important email when, without paying a lot of attention and with a unintentional movement of your hand, you send the e-mail you were working at? I bet this has happened more than once while working at your computer! If you write a  lot of emails these kind of inadvertent movements can be very annoying and very embarrassing above all if the email reaches the recipient incomplete. Luckily for us, Google has added a nice feature to its Gmail to spare its users from “unpleasant” situations.

As a matter of fact, a new feature called  Undo Sent is available in the Gmail Lab section which will save your life a lot of times, above all if you are a very inattentive guy.  So, every time you hit  the “Sent” button too soon, you will have the chance to undo (abort) the process within 5 seconds after the email was sent. All this is performed thanks to a friendly link (see picture above) appearing after the “Sent” button is pressed.  After 5 seconds the link will disappear leaving you no opportunity to revert what you did. The lapse of time can not be changed. If you want to activate such a feature, login your Gmail, click Settings in the upper right side of your screen, Click Labs, and Enable Undo Sent.

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