How to tweak the Auto Save feature in WordPress

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wordpressThe Auto Save feature in WordPress is a nice, helpful function which automatically and periodically saves your posts  (while you write them)  after x seconds (default is 60 seconds). You may wonder what it is for. Just image this scenario. You have been working for half an hour on a certain post. Abruptly, a power outage comes turning your PC off without warning. Guess what happen?  Your post, unless you saved it previously, has gone. Irremediably lost beyond recovery! Under this point of view the Auto Save feature is very, very necessary, isn’t it? However the down-side is that, by automatically saving your posts every 60 seconds, it consumes a lot of your server resources, also causing slow queries, above all if you are on a shared server.  Here is a little hack to…optimize it. 

Go to your FTP server, open the public_html folder, locate wp-config.php and add  the following piece of code between the opening <?php and closing ?>:


600 in the example, represents the number of seconds (10 minutes) WordPress should wait between auto-saving your post.

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