How to recognize if an e-mail is fake or legit

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Despite the fact that Gmail, Yahoo Mail and other important and well-known webmails have got excellent anti-spam filters, every now and then it may happen that some fake e-mail manages to prick the tight spam-net and reach your e-mail inbox.  It happens to my Gmail as well and it is only normal, also because there isn’t a lot to do. Usually, such fake e-mails are quite recognizable because they have the same subjects and talk about the same stuff. But, what happen when you get a phishing e-mail  which is quite alike to the ones you get from CitiBank, E-Bay, Mastercard, Amazon etc? Let’s learn how to recognize fake e-mails from  legitimate ones, thanks to a free software.

Truemark is a small, free software created by Iconix able to spot and identify more than 1500  different company legitimate email addresses thanks to industry standard technologies which verifies the authenticity of the message. Among the other things, Truemark checks : Domain Keys and Sender ID which are backed by companies such as Cisco, Microsoft and Yahoo! and other important data included in a list of registered senders with ICONIX, Inc. Once an e-mail has been recognized as a ligit one a Truemark icon is displayed next to it. Here is a list of its most important features:

  • It is compatible with Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail,  Aol Webmail, Outlook 2003 and 2007, Outlook Express etc.
  • It is also compatible with all the major browsers such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Truemark is available as add-on in Mozilla Firefox.

If you want to know more or if you just want to download it, click here. If instead you want to know what senders have got a partnership with Iconix, click here.

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