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vistaMicrosoft has recently finished compiling the final RTM version of Service Pack 2 (SP2) for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. Incredible to say, despite the fact that we are still a little far from the official release date, the Service Pack has laready been leaked in the Internet for everybody to download!

Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 SP2 have got the full build tag of 6.0.6002.18005.  Here are the links to download them:

32-bit  Windows Vista,  Server 2008 SP2 RTM (including  36 Languages)

BUILD: 6002.18005
FILE: Windows6.0-KB948465-X86.exe
SIZE: 475,67 Mb
CRC32: 8D07A886
MD5: cad218b99fc301836e385049c75f5eaf
SHA-1: 7f8aa802e157282d84cf47950281de53a8c26f22

64-bit Windows Vista, Server 2008 SP2 RTM (including 36 Languages)

BUILD: 6002.18005
FILE: Windows6.0-KB948465-X64.exe
SIZE: 745.67 MB
CRC32: 19C1676E
MD5: db35df98ae5a6fd085386580a6ee8b55
SHA-1: f0e46deb7734b8ed277b0cf2304ee2babc4d9b1c

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11 Comments to “Download Windows Vista and Server 2008 SP2 leaked version (build 6002.18005)”

  1. Sexy Says:

    How do you download it?

  2. William Says:

    Just installed Service Pack 2 & i can confirm the Torrent file is genuine, my machine now shows – Operating System: Windows Vista Ultimate (6.0,Build 6002) in DirectX Diagnostic Tool & System Infomation shows Service Pack 2 is installed.

    So the Torrent file is the genuine article.



  3. William Says:

    Sorted,i installed the checkSUR: KB947821 update & resolved the problem.

    I can now install the SP2.

    Cheers,Web Talk.



  4. William Says:

    Thanks Webtalk the answer is there.

    Will get back to you & let you know how it goes.



  5. Web Talk Says:

    Have a look at this article

  6. William Says:

    I decided to download the Torrent & when i opened the file to start downloading SP2 The package reports an error which starts like this Error: ERROR_SXS_IDENTITY_PARSE_ERROR(0x8007370d)

    So does this mean that SP2 is not ready?

  7. William Says:

    Thats a shame just read the article that you posted a to,it states Spk2 is only available at the moment to OEM versions.

    Looks like we will have to wait a bit longer then.

  8. Web Talk Says:

    If you wish to download the SP2, the official one I mean, there are bad news, have a look at this article

  9. William Says:

    Received an update from Microsoft (KB955430) yesterday which is a Spk2 readiness tool/allows you to be able to install Spk2 when it is finally released.

    Having installed this update (KB955430) i then found out that it wipes out all of your previously installed updates including Spk1.

    So does this now mean Spk2 is nearly ready for the final release?

  10. Web Talk Says:

    True, but just in case you can not wait… 🙂

  11. William Says:

    A bit daft really i do not see why you cannot wait for Microsoft to officially release the update.

    In my honest opinion there must be some final touches to the service pack prior to the official release date.

    Also one does not go out to spend about £1000+ building a PC & purchase a genuine version of Vista Ultimate at the cost of £165 to then download a dodgy leaked version of Spk2 that will possibly later knacker up ones machine.

    So would rather/advise wait for Microsoft to officially release the long awaited for Service Pack 2.

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