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Lately Microsoft has surprised us all by releasing a couple of interesting e-books for free. You may want to read these articles of mine on Windows Vista resource kit e-book , Windows Vista Resource Kit, Second Edition and Windows Vista Performance and Tuning. Now, with the upcoming release of Windows 7 (Windows 7 RC is expected to be released on May 5, 09), Microsoft has decided to release a couple of interesting free books to get the most from the new operating system.

Here is a list containing free downloads of the next Windows 7 e-books:

Windows 7 Inside Out
Learn how to become an expert on Windows 7—from the inside out! This e-book packs hundreds of timesaving solutions, troubleshooting tips, and workarounds into a concise, fast-answer format. In addition, the companion CD includes tools, downloads, and helpful resources.

Chapter 21: Performing Routine Maintenance

Download PDF file (4,203 KB)

Download XPS file (1,261 KB)

Windows 7 Resource Kit
Sample the definitive resource for administering Windows 7—with expert insights from Microsoft Most Valued Professionals and the Windows 7 team. Get more than 1,700 pages of technical guidance on deployment, administration, and security—all updated for Windows 7.

Chapter 23: Support Users and Remote Assistance

Download PDF file (1,360 KB)

Download XPS file (1,244 KB)

Chapter 29: Deploying IPv6

Download PDF file (1,360 KB)

Download XPS file (1,244 KB)

Windows 7 Step by Step
The smart way to learn to use the latest version of Windows is one step at a time! Work at your own pace through easy-to-follow lessons and hands-on exercises, building exactly the skills you need, when you need them.

Chapter 1: Explore Windows 7

Download PDF file (1,870 KB)

Download XPS file (2,610 KB)

Chapter 2: Navigate Windows and Folders

Download PDF file (2,709 KB)

Download XPS file (4,497 KB)

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16 Comments to “Download free Windows 7 ebooks”

  1. Old Technician Says:

    Hmm, my three Win 7 machines work just fine and we are converting to 7 at work with no major issues except some of our applications have not yet caught up to 7. Other than that there are no major issues.

  2. Sharad Kumar Says:

    New hardware = New Operating System and New Interface
    Results =0

  3. Dashares.com - Best E-books Library For All - Read all your favorite E-Books with Downloading facility Says:

    […] Windows 7 Free Ebook ChaptersBy Naveen Titare – 6,March 2011Posted in: Computers and Internet Windows 7 Free Ebook Chapters by WebTLK.com […]

  4. cajun62234 Says:

    What a crock!!!! I upgraded my computer only to find out that Win7 is so screwed up; NOTHING is related to a previous Win software… I told the builder to take the d@mn thing out and lets stay with XP Pro……

    If I wanted to re-learn a computer software, I think I’d head to Linux and avoid all the microsoft headaches….. I know why there’s a rush to get Win8 out….because Win7 is strictly BS…

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