How to become part of a classic painting

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If you have something for classic paintings, but you don’t know even how to take a paintbrush in your hand, here is a nice website which will turn you to a skilled painter able to portrait whoever you want including yourself. The website I am going to introduce you, is what it’s called a head-in-the-hole website where all you have to do is put an image over a famous painting to have a complete, beautiful “masterpiece”.  If instead you want to play with more creative websites, I advice you to read these articles of mine speaking of how to turn your digital photo to sketches, how to create cartoons in a few minutes, how to add effects to your pictures and how to create real-time animations.

Masterpiece Yourself is a nice, funny website which, in a few steps, will allow you to put your face in the most famous, classic paintings in the world such as the ones created  by Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Caravaggio  and many others! The way it works is quite simple. In fact, all you have to do is select a picture,  upload your image, tweak it with basic controls such as: rotate, scale, flip and that’s it! From now on you will be part of the history of Art!

If you want to use Masterpiece Yourself, visit the official website.

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