Why you should not buy an iPhone or an iPod now

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iphoneWhen it comes to spending money on electronic devices we all have to think hard and, above all,  be wise in order not to buy a device which in the worst case is already old (technologically  speaking) or it will be like that in a couple of weeks. As a matter of fact, all hardware companies tend  to not unveil important details about their future releases. That’s because they want to deplete their store  supplies, thus maximising their earnings on pieces of hardware which will be obsolete in a short time, before launching their new models. One of the most frequent question I have heard lately is: ” Should I buy an iPhone or should I wait for the next release, as rumors suggests?”.

So, if you want to buy a new Apple device, think carefully and read what follows! As a matter of fact, according to the guru website guides.macrumors.com, a lot of news are on their ways as far as Apple devices are concerned! The website bases its predictions on online rumors as well as historical data. Here are its most important forecasts and, above all, what you shouldn’t buy:

Product:     iPhone
Recommendation:     Don’t Buy – Updates soon
Notes:    32gb NAND chips start Production in Early 2009, don’t expect an updated iPhone before that
Last Release:     July 10, 2008
Days Since Update:     293 (Avg = 126)

Product:     iPod touch
Recommendation:     Don’t Buy – Updates soon
Last Release :    September 09, 2008
Days Since Update:     232 (Avg = 185)

Product:     LCDs
Recommendation:     Don’t Buy – Updates soon
Notes:     Despite the release of the 24″ LED Cinema Display, unless you are buying that specific monitor, we’d   recommend waiting if you are in the market for a different size.
Last Release:     April 04, 2007
Days Since Update:     756 (Avg = 230)

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