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The more you stay on the computer and surf the Internet, the more you sign-up to different web services. E-mail accounts, social networks, forums are just a few examples. If you add your computer and your software, the list of usernames and passwords you have to remember becomes really huge. If you are a forgetful guy, what you really need is a good software making the dirty job for you. A software which able to remember all the hard-to-remember passwords for you!

S10 Password Vault is a freeware application which strongly encrypts your most important usarnames and passwords and store them in a kind of safe. To access all this data you just need a master password (of course, you don’t have to forget it!) which is required when you open the tool.  Here is a list of its most important features:

  • Special commands lets you save private data directly from any username and passwords  field in any website or program.
  • It works with any program.
  • Autotype feature which avoids the switching back-and-forth between windows to copy/paste usernames and passwords.
  • All data is stored on a file in your computer. The file is encrypted using a  standard 256-bit AES algorithm.
  • Your private data is saved and organized in folders you can create and name in a way you like.
  • For each account, you can specify a corresponding website address or program file, which you can then easily launch later.
  • Auto-lock features which locks S10 Password Vault  after 5 minutes of inactivity.
  • When you open a password vault file, it will automatic make a backup copy of itself and save it under the same filename appended with “_backup”.
  • It can generate strong passwords so that you won’t have to strain to find out what password is the best one to apply to your accounts.

Since the list of features goes on, if interested, I advice you to read the official website. if instead you want to download the software, click here.

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One Comment to “How to store usernames and passwords safely”

  1. MichaelE Says:

    For an offline solution, I suggest “The 5th Dimension Password Keeper”. It is available at Barnes & Noble and on Amazon. It is probably the most secure way to store passwords. There is no online connection – so it can not be hacked AND the passwords are secure from offline thieves and snoops as well.
    Fantastic product.

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