How to fix Firefox logging you out of websites for no reasons

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firefoxIf you have got a lot of web accounts in the Internet, maybe you are using the wonderful  “Remember me” feature available in Firefox (and in all browsers, of course). This option lets Firefox remember your username and password thanks to cookies which are set to expire after a lot of time in your computer. In this way, when you open a webpage containing a form asking your username and password, Firefox will fill it for you, automatically. The nasty issue a lot of users are experiencing lately is that, when you restart the computer or reopen the browser, Firefox will  log you out of the website you want to sign-in because, apparently, it doesn’t manage to keep the  info necessary to fill in the form in the account page. The issue is caused by the cookies stored in your computer which maybe are corrupted or unreadable by Firefox.  Here is  a list of quick “treatments”.

  • Click Tools in your Firefox upper bar, Clear Private data…, tick all the boxes and press the Clear Private Data Now button.
  • Make sure Firefox options are set to store cookies in your computer. Click ToolsOptions – select Privacy tab  and unckeck Always Clear my Private data when I close Firefox.
  • Create a new profile. Click Start, in the search box, type: firefox.exe -ProfileManager and hit Enter and follow the easy steps.

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