How to play a YouTube video at a specific time

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youtubeI have already spoken about a topic like this. You might want to read this article on how to start a YouTube video at any time in your blog. However, if you are not a blogger or if you don’t own a website, but you wish to start a YouTube video at a specific time, to watch what you really are interested in, here is a nice hack for you.

If you want to watch a YouTube clip from a certain point it is sufficient to append the following code at the end of the video’s URL: url: #t=02m40s. This code will automatically play the YouTube video  at the 2nd minute and 40h second . Here is a simple example which should let you understand what I am talking about:

Original YouTube video URL:

Modified YouTube video URL:

Of course you can change the time written  in the code to whatever time you wish.

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