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windows 7Windows 7 offers you an extra, superb way to protect your sensitive and private data by letting you lock and encrypt any drive on your computer. Thanks this trick you will be able to keep out unauthorized, nosy people  and hackers from getting important information about you. Let’s see how to achieve this result thanks to a small embeeded utility called BitLocker Encryption.

  1. Click Start.
  2. Click and open Control Panel.
  3. Click the BitLocker Encryption link.
  4. Select the drive to protect, lock and encrypt.
  5. Tick the option: Use a password to unlock the drive.
  6. Now, select where to save the recovery key.
  7. Done!

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10 Comments to “How to lock and encrypt any drive in Windows 7”

  1. vipin Says:

    thanks it works

  2. Joseph Joseph Says:

    My windows 7 premium dont have bitlocker what do I do

  3. Dlance Says:

    Re: Jake…
    i can’t find bitlocker.Is this available Ultimate Edition of windows 7.. Sorry guy. Maybe do a Windows 7 anytime upgrade i think its not to costly if you already have Win7 home, premiem, etc. from 79.99 to 99.99 i believe.
    Here a link from Mirosoft on the BitLocker Imput:

  4. amar singh Says:

    more time take drive lock in window 7 . its very boring to lock the drive.

  5. Jaydee Says:

    yeah! free is really cool! heheh!
    I know there more other free tolls available in windows 7.

  6. jake Says:

    i can’t find bitlocker.Is this available in windows 7 Home Pre??

  7. Web Talk Says:

    Well, I won’t put it like that. It will prevent human people from entering the hard disk but viruses are another matter. As a general rule of thumb you should always backup your data.

  8. amit Says:

    by locking the drives by bitlocker does it also protects virus by entering that disk

  9. pagesec1 Says:

    Nice post, thanks for all the useful info.

  10. mmg1818 Says:

    in Windows 7 no use diskpart for BitLocker ?

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