How to quickly turn your monitor off

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vistaIf you are at work and your boss is passing by your desktop, if you are at home and don’t want to show what you are doing on your computer while your mom, girlfriend, wife etc is stepping in your bedroom or living room, here is a wonderful, life-saving trick which, well, can be useful to you more than you think!

Wouldn’t be great to turn off your monitor, just with one, single, smooth…click? Why frantically messing around your computer settings to turn your monitor off while your boss is passing by your desktop? That’s the best way to draw somebody’s attention! Let’s learn how to elegantly turn your monitor black without arise any suspicion.

  1. Download NirCmd tool.
  2. Now, let’s create a shortcut to such tool. Right-click any empty section of your desktop, click New from the menu and right after that click Shortcut.
  3. Now, you have to remember the full path where you installed the NirCmd tool. Usually is something like this: C:\Program Files\…\nircmd.exe
  4. To this patch add the following code: cmdwait 1000 monitor off The new path will be something like this: “C:\Program Files\…\nircmd.exe”  cmdwait 1000 monitor off . Make sure to add quotes around it, as seen in the example.  By the way, 1000 is the value telling the tool to wait 1 second before turning off the monitor.
  5. Now just copy and paste this path to the shortcut and press Next.
  6. At this point, as a last step, go to the shortcut properties and assign a shortcut key such as CTRL for example, and if you want click  Change Icon to select a nice icon doesn’t make anyone suspicious!
  7. Done!

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