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How many times have you wondered if that message you sent to that recipient was really read by the person it was meant to? Ok, people have got e-mail accounts which are protected by passwords, but there are so many hackers and nosy people out there that one is never sure! Wouldn’t be nice to send a secret message,  an encrypted, password-protected message  and be sure that nobody will ever be able to read it, but the person it was addressed to? Here is the reply you where looking for. 

Secrets is a free website which lets you send secret messages to email accounts. The way it works is quite simple;

  1. You compose a secret message
  2. You set a password (or let “Secrets” create one for you)
  3. You send the message indicating the e-mail address of the receiver

The receiver will get an e-mail with a notice. He follows the link, enters the correct password, and will be able to read / store / forward / print the message.

All messages are encrypted by using an algorithm with keys at 64bit. Further protection can be added (for free)

If you want to use this service, visit the official website.

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One Comment to “How to send an encrypted, secret message or email”

  1. andy Says:

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