How to turn off your computer remotely using Twitter

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There are tons of applications which let you shutdown/turnoff your computer. No doubt. Most of them let you setup the time when you want your computer to shutdown without any way to control it remotely. The  application I am going to talk about today is something unique because, first of all it lets you turn off your computer remotely, and secondly  it lets you perform such as operation  by using Twitter.

TweetMyPc is a nice, freeware application which lets you shutdown/restart/LogOff your Windows PC remotely. The real and exciting news here is that such operations are performed by using Twitter! But how does it work? Simple. You need to download and install the program, create a new Twitter account for your PC, start TweetMyPc and fill in the login detail. That’s it. From now on TweetMyPc will check the account you have created every minute waiting for a twitt containing a special command or keyword to turn off your computer.

If you want to know more, visit the official website. If you want to download the application right away, click here.

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