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bitdefenderBitDefender has recently announced the availability of its most famous security software as free edition, available for download. The applications I am talking about include: BitDefender Free Edition, an on-demand virus scanner, BitDefender Anti-Phishing Free Edition, and BitDefender Chat Encryption.

1) Bitdefender Free Edition is an excellent antivirus engine using the latest technology to identify, detect and remove the most dangerous virus threats. Its most important features include: scheduled scanning, immediate scanning, quarantine, reports and ICSA Labs certified scanning engine.

2) BitDefender Anti-Phishing Free Edition provides browser-based protection from phishing attempts by blocking the malicious web pages used to steal credit card data and other personal identification information. Its most important features include a real-time filter, link filter for chat clients blocking phishing links sent via Yahoo! Messanger, MSN chat etc., updated blacklist and a great integration with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

3) BitDefender Chat Encryption encrypts your private conversation made through the most famous chat client, preventing hackers and malicious people from stealing your private information. Its most important features include a fast access thanks to which, once you start chatting, you will be protected right away without any action on your side, top level encryption.

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2 Comments to “Bitdefender free edition software”

  1. Web Talk Says:

    Hi Decia! It is good to know that you are satisifed with Bitdefender! Can you tell us something more about the Chat Encryption application? Have you performed any test to see if it works? Any advise?

  2. Decia Says:

    I have bitdefender free edition for some time, and I can say it’s a good antivirus software. I installed the other two free protection softwares and they work great. I tested the Chat Encryption with my friends. The antiphishing toolbar works also great, I searched for some phishing sites, and it detects all of them.

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