How to learn a foreign language day by day

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learn10I have already written about how to learn foreign languages. You might be interested in reading these articles on how to learn foreing languages online, translate everything for free, and even how to use your PlayStation Portable to translate foreign languages while you are abroad on vacation. Anyway, what I am about to write and explain you now is something totally new which lets you learn little bite, small notions and ideas every day, with a regular pace to make you improve the foreign language your are studying dramatically.

Learn10 is a nice and simple website containing a really original idea. Its goal is to help you learn or improve a foreign language of your choice by sending you   short, daily learning tasks, such as 10 new words in a foreign language. You can decide where to have your daily tasks sent. In fact you can choose to have your assignments delivered to Facebook, Twitter, in your email, on your iPhone or on your website or blog! “You can use the Learn10 widget to learn, revise, record, test & compete with your friends. Additional (premium) services include a virtual teacher, windows screensaver and content via SMS.”

If you want to know more, click here. If you want to use the service, visit the official website.

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