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As you know, writing and sharing your email on the Internet is not safe and wise anymore. As a matter of fact, there are special bots and spiders (also known as email harvesters) which collect email addresses on the Internet with the primary goal of sending tons of spam. That’s why you can not write your email on blogs or social networks such as Skype, Twitter or Facebook. But then, how can you share (and at the same time protect) your email with the world and the people you care? 

Scr.im is a nice, freeware website letting you share your email on public websites. As a matter of fact, Scr.im will let you convert your email address to a safe and short URL (for instance http://scr.im/joe). The way it works is like the world famous Tinyurl.com with the only different that  in this case an email address is converted to something else, hard to recognize, with the main goal to not let spam bots identify the email itself! If you want to use Scr.in, visit http://scr.im

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10 Comments to “How to protect your email on the Internet”

  1. Web Talk Says:

    Thanks Ozh for your reply. I have activated the link again and removed the warning message.

  2. Doru Says:

    @Ozh – take a look at http://www.google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic?site=http://scr.im/&hl=en

  3. Ozh Says:

    (yeah in case this wasn’t clear, I’m scr.im’s author)

    Ozh´s last blog post..EasyWP: Install WordPress in One Click

  4. Ozh Says:

    Sorry for the inconvenience. My sites has been attacked by some script kiddie (I think because I was running another software –Scuttle– which is apparently a hole in itself). It should be cleaned up now.

    Ozh´s last blog post..EasyWP: Install WordPress in One Click

  5. Web Talk Says:

    OK, That’s enough. I have disabled the link. I apologize if I gave you any trouble. My antiviruses didn’t report anything, but I can’t take the risk of having my readers troubled by a link I wrote on my blog. Thanks for your input and sorry again.

  6. Doru Says:

    I have PC NIS 2009, too -> Bloodhound.Exploit.196.
    The heuristic engine of norton block this site.

  7. Web Talk Says:

    I left a message about this issue on their feedback form. I saw yours too. Let’s see what happens. As far as I am concerned, I haven’t got any issue while visiting their blog. I have AVG antivirus and Norman antivirus installed.

  8. mathman47 Says:

    As I said in maybe too few words. I clicked on the link on your site, “scr.in”. I.E. brought up the site. Norton popped up that I had been attacked, and it had blocked, Bloodhound.Exploit.196. The time of the attack and my system time were identical. I reviewed Norton, then went back to scr.in and clicked on “about”. Again, Norton popped up with a message that it had blocked an attack by Bloodhound.Exploit.196. The Norton log time and my system time were identical. Maybe it’d just my PC and I have a virus. I’ll run a full scan with Norton and anti-Malware when I log off I.E.
    Thanks for the quick response. Dennis Finegan, mathman47@comcast.net

  9. Web Talk Says:

    Hi there mathman47, can you make a detailed description of what happened to you, please? Before removing the link from my blog I want to know what happened. Thanks.

  10. mathman47 Says:

    I was attacked by Bloodhound.Exploit.196 when I went to this site.

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