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getfreeebooksRecently, I have come across an excellent website collecting all the good free resources scattered in the Internet. In this specific case I am not talking about software, applications or other goodies like this, but real, free ebooks costing nothing to you! The website is called  GetFreeeBooks.com and its a real gold mine for those people who like reading ebooks! Here is a small  selected list of the best resources available on such a great website.

  • Download more than 286 free Mathematics Books. This website collects one of most impressive list of free ebooks I have  ever seen. All the books are arranged alphabetically and are available in PDF or HTML formats. The most hot topics have to do with Algebra, Topology, Probability, Advanced Calculus, Geometry, Algorithms,  Computation, Theory of numbers,  Prime Numbers, Math Analysis etc.
  • 4 Free Kindle ebooks. Got a Kindle 2? Hungry for free eboosk to devour? Download The Axis of Time: Weapons of Choice: Book One of the Axis of Time Trilogy by John Birmingham, Kiss of Midnight by Lara Adrian, Elric The Stealer of Souls by Michael Moorcock, Down River by John Hart (requires a sign up).
  • 6 Sci-fi ebooks. Are you ready to travel to the future? Star Wars, Mars adventures and killers are just a few ingredients of these incredible books.
  • 100 Free eBooks for Business Students and Entrepreneurs. Everything you need to be  successful in your business and in the market. 100 books on marketing, management, ecommerce, and finance.
  • 62 romantic free ebooks. If you are in love, if you love somebody or if you  are just one of those guys who feel love in the air, this selection of books is for you. The books are available in different formats including PDF, LIT and HTML.
  • More than 20 ebooks for your Kindle. As Kindles become more and more popular, the only way to get visibility will be to offer Free Kindle Editions of 1 or more of your books.  Get these free ebooks for your Kindle written by by the top 25 authors.
  • Over 90 ebooks for PhotoShop and GIMP.  If you like image editors such as Photoshop and GIMP but you have little knwoledge of such great piece of software, you have got your chance to become one of the most professional image editor users thanks to these free books containing tricks and tips that nobody knows!

If you want to get more free books, visit GetfreeeEbooks now!

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