Outlook 2007 trick on how to attach files to emails quickly

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office2007If you send a lot of emails by using Microsoft Outlook 2007, you know how painful is to attach a file to an email. As a matter of fact, you have to browse among different buttons and options in order to attach the file, without talking about the fact that finding the file itself can be a real annoyance, above all if it’s buried inside an unknown, lost folder. Here is a fast trick which lets you attach files to your emails in Outlook 2007 in no time!

  1. Copy the file you want to attch to your email. To do that, right-click the file and click copy from the menu.
  2. Open your Microsoft Outlook and open your Inbox folder.
  3. Paste the file previously copied. To do that, press CTRL+V
  4. A new email should appear with the file already attached to it.
  5. The subject of the email will have the same name of the file.
  6. Done!

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