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Lately, Firefox has become one of the most used Internet browser in the world, only surpassed by Microsoft Internet Explorer which comes pre-installed on any Microsoft operative system. Since there are so many Firefox users out there, wouldn’t be nice to download some nice free Firefox ebook and learn those unknown tricks and tips that just a small, restricted group of geeks know? Here are some interesting free Firefox books to expand your knowledge and use Firefox at its best!

Firefox 3 revealed. This interesting ebook will let you understand and know all of the new features in Firefox 3, both on the surface and under the hood. Thanks to this book you will learn all the new security improvements which will keep your private data secured from hackers, all the new features available for storing bookmarks, passwords and more and how the AwesomeBar will make locating pages you’ve visited in the past faster and easier.

Firefox Facts. Learn how to master Firefox. The best hacks, tricks, and tips enclosed in a free ebook which will keep your nose stuck on its pages!

Firefox Book. Last but not least the COMPLETE guide to Firefox Internet Browser. In this extraordinary free ebook you will know everything about Firefox. Its story, its beginnings, its success , its great features and its less known tricks and tweaks. Everything you always wanted to know about Firefox and never dared to ask. A real masterpiece to download right away and keep in your e-shelves!

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