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meglobeThanks to Internet getting in touch with another person at the other side of the world is not an issue anymore. As  a matter of fact, it is sufficient to write an email or use a chat client software to reach whoever you want wherever he is. The only barrier remained between you and other foreign people is the language. You might want to read these interesting articles on how to write foreign languages in Windows Vista, learn a foreign language online , translate everything for free, translate everything using your PlayStation Portable and palm device or translate all the foreign languages you wish. If you wish to instant message  somebody speaking a different language than yours,  here is the right answer for you. What  follows is a nice, freeware computer software and web application which you may find quite interesting. This solution will let you chat with foreign people without worrying to translate. As a matter of fact, the system will translate automatically what you write  so that  your foreign friend will get the message already in his own language!

MeGlobe is a wonderful, free desktop client software as well as a web application which does something quite out-of-ordinary. As a matter of fact, it instantly translates whatever you write in your favorite instant message client, sending your  translated message to the other person you chat with! MeGlobe supports AIM, Yahoo Messenger, or MSN instant messenger and provides real time translation into 15 different languages. MeGlobe is compatible with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera browsers. Its computer software offers you the following options: “offline messaging, public and private multi-lingual chat rooms and access to your AOL, YAHOO and MSN buddy lists with our desktop client!”. If you want to know more, click here. If you want to download the software, visit the official website.

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6 Comments to “How to chat in a foreign language”

  1. Raphael Says:

    Well, I think this is a pretty coll clue but on my humble opinion cool thing about talking to a foreign people is to talk within other idiom.

  2. Web Talk Says:

    Actually no. We Are not sleeping, at least me! 🙂 The issue is that I am on vacations so my reply may arrive quite late!

  3. Gunel. Says:

    everybody sleep?

  4. Gunel. Says:

    i need friend who can understand me.
    .-= Gunel.´s last blog ..We are moving to wordpress =-.

  5. Gunel. Says:

    .-= Gunel.´s last blog ..We are moving to wordpress =-.

  6. chris Says:

    well the whole idea of chatting in a foreign language is great………this is one software which can help netizens very much.They can interact with people with diffrent parts of the world.the whole idea of people of different cultures socializing with each other is absolutely fantastic


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