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Recently, Facebook gave you the opportunity to link your Google and Yahoo! account to it. But what are the benefits of such an operation?

Linking Google and Yahoo! accounts to Facebook will let you skip the login procedures you need to do to gain access to such  services. As a matter of fact, from now on, every time you sign-in  to Google ( I mean all Google services such as Gmail, Google Picasa, Google Docs etc.) and Yahoo!, you’ll automatically be logged into Facebook as well. To activate and link Google and Yahoo! accounts to Facebook, login Facebook – Accounts –  Settings and click “Add a new linked account”.

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One Comment to “How to link Facebook to your Google and Yahoo! accounts”

  1. sandra bolton Says:

    This is not helping, I want to link yahoo to facebook so I can post a photo emailed to me., this doesnt tell me what to do.

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