How to migrate and upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7

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windows 7As you know, Windows 7 was released for public download on the 5th of May. Users running Windows XP or Windows Vista may be at loss at how to migrate from their old Microsoft operating systems to the new Windows 7. The issue with these kind of upgrade is that a lot of people fear to loose their important files during the migration. Microsoft has recently released an interesting tool which makes easy to migrate and upgrade to Windows 7.

User Migration Tool (USMT)  is a simple tools which helps you migrate to Windows 7 without loosing any  settings or files. The way it works is rather simple. As a matter of fact USMT collects all the data belonging to the old operating system and migrates it to a new Windows installation. Here is a nice video explaining you what happens during the migration.

Windows XP to Windows 7

If you want to know more about User State Migration Tool (USMT) click here.

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