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firefoxThere are a lot of ways to make your Firefox faster. You may want to read my articles on how to make Firefox faster and how to make Firefox run at speed light. The article I am going to write today is quite similar to another one I wrote some time ago with the only difference that in this case the procedure to make Firefox faster at first startup is much easier, less complicated and requires just a couple of minutes.

When you launch Firefox the first time after you startup your computer you will notice that it takes a lot of time, up to 20 seconds or even more to just launch the main browser window. If you compare this time to the one employed by others browsers such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer you will see that Firefox is missing something here, something that you need to fix thanks to a little hack! Here is the easy procedure to make Firefox faster during the first startup.

  1. Right click on Firefox shortcut located on your desktop.
  2. Click Proprieties.
  3. Under the shortcut tab, on the Target field just append, at the end of the address, this code: /prefetch:1 You will get something like this: “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe”
  4. Click OK.
  5. That’s it!

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8 Comments to “How to make Firefox faster during the first startup”

  1. xp Says:

    thanks works perfect

  2. Leon Says:

    i think the end result should look like this:
    “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe” /prefetch:1
    thanks to MS for telling me this, now it works for me 😀

  3. Isaac Says:

    Does this work on mac os x? And if so how?

  4. MS Says:

    try placing a space between the target location and the code. It will work then. Start up reduced by a few seconds. (at least on my puter)

  5. Pat Says:

    Could you show exactly how the line should read? When I append the /prefetch:1 Firefox won’t accept the target. I tried various ways to show it but always got an error.

  6. Como Iniciar O FireFox Rapidamente Says:

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  7. KallAngo® Says:


    It works like a charm to me.

    Can you explain how it work ? What exactly it do with FFx ?¿

    KallAngo®´s last blog post..Conheça O Novo Monitor Da NEC De 43 Polegadas E Curvo

  8. JK Says:

    I think there is something wrong, I got an error message saying that the file name and path are incorrect?

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