How to read and organize your RSS feeds

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One of the smartest ideas in the Internet are  RSS feeds. As you know, they are Really Simple Syndication feeds which inform you of any news the website you took the feed from is publishing, in real time! To get a RSS feed, in most cases is sufficient to click a little red, square icon, located on the right side of any browser address bar to get the feed web address of any website. At this point, just paste the address in your feed aggregator and you are done. Next time the website will publish a news you will know at once. But what’s the best software to read, organize and aggregate your RSS feeds?

Feed Demon is an easy, free RSS News Aggregator which lets you view and manage your RSS feeds from your Windows desktop.  Here is a list of its most important features:

  • Get news and info from different website in real time!
  • Customize the way you read and manage your feeds.
  • Download podcasts to your iPod or Windows Media Player.
  • Looking for a particular news? Once you have downloaded your feed use keywords and get whatever you are looking for without any need to browse news-by-news.
  • Share news with other users.
  • Watch embedded videos on any feed.

If you want to know more, visit the official website. If you want to download this freeware application, click here.

[Thanks Scott]

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