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wordpressThe latest version of WordPress is out, ready to be downloaded by hundreds of thousands of bloggers or people who want to be build a blog in a matter of a few minutes. The new version is WordPress 2.8 and has got interesting features to make bloggers’ life easier. Apart from the fixes of those bugs affecting the previous release (WordPress 2.7.1) , WordPress 2.8  most interesting features are the ability to browse themes from the dashboard and the many options letting you specify the color you like in your theme , how many columns your blog needs to have, and fixed or flexible width.

Other features include:

  • An improved widgets interface with the ability to search widgets from the admin area.
  • Better speed.
  • More than 790 bugs fixed (!).
  • Post via e-mail. Just set an email account with POP3 access and you will be able to post your articles via email in a matter of seconds.
  • Auto-save post/page by pressing  Ctrl+S.
  • Better database performance.
  • New Using TinyMCE (version 3.2.3).
  • Better management for scheduled posts letting you know the exact date rather then the number of days your posts will be published.
  • Database upgrades will include better messages and explanations.
  • Great code editor letting you edit your plugins in a better way thanks to two nice features: syntax highlighting and function lookup.
  • Many more features!

If you want to know  the full, detailed list of improvements available in WordPress 2.8, click here.

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