Download Official Windows 7 XP mode and Windows Virtual PC Beta

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windows 7Windows Virtual PC Beta is the latest Microsoft technology providing the ability to run multiple Microsoft Windows operating systems (such as Windows XP) on the same machine, directly from your Windows 7 desktop. Windows XP Mode instead is nothing else than a virtual machine provided with 32-bit Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 environment installed and mounted on a virtual hard disk. Thanks to it you will be able to run Windows XP directly from any computer provided with Windows 7. Let’s se in details these two applications.

The most important Windows Virtual PC’s features are:

Seamless Applications: Launch any  applications installed on Virtual Windows XP directly from the Windows 7 desktop.
Folder Integration between host and guest: Access your Windows 7   Folders, such as My Documents, Pictures, Desktop, Music, Video, from inside the Virtual Windows XP environment.
Clipboard Sharing: Cut and paste between your Windows 7 host and any virtual machine.
Printer Redirection: Print directly to your attached printer from your seamless application or virtual machine.
USB Support: Users can access USB devices attached to the host directly from Virtual Windows XP. These devices include Printers and Scanners, Flash Memory/Sticks and External Hard Drives, Digital Cameras, and more.

If you want to download Windows Virtual PC, here are the links:

If you want to download Windows XP mode, here are the links (Version: 1.1.7112.1):

Read this article to know what the minimum system requirements are.

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