How to search recent articles and post with Google

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Google is the best Web Search Engine ever. I think that everybody agrees with this simple but quite meaningful statement. Period! It can search million of pages in a few nanoseconds and displays the result on your screen right away. But Google is also fast at spidering and indexing new articles, posts and webpages within a few minutes after they are published online. If you want to specifically search  Google for  latest news ,  recent articles, posts or fresh content, here is a nice hack quite easy to apply. 

If you want Google to show just fresh content which has been published in the last 24h, just append this code &as_qdr=d to the last part of a Google search URL. Here is an example:

Original Google search URL:

Modified Google search URL ( latest articles and posts published during the latest 24h):

If you want your Firefox borwser to search just fresh content, here is a hack for you:

  1. In the Address bar type: about:config
  2. When prompted click the button “I’ll be carful, I promise”
  3. Now, in the filter search, look for the key:  keyword.URL.
  4. Double click it and change its content with http://www.google.com/search?as_qdr=d&q=
  5. From now on your Firefox you will be able to search Google for the latest news published during the last 24h

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