Is your CPU able to support Windows 7 XP mode?

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One of the most innovative and great feature in Windows 7 is its ability to run Windows XP operating system in a virtual environment. This feature is especially useful for those users owning and using old software which is not compatible with Windows 7. For more info, read these articles: Download official Windows 7 XP mode and How to install Windows XP mode on Windows 7. As you may guess this feature doesn’t come for free. No, don’t misunderstand me, you won’t have to pay anything for it as it comes embedded in Windows 7. I am talking about the fact that this XP mode requires a lot of computer resources and some computers, despite they are provided with the finest pieces of hardware, may not be able to run it. So, how to know if your computer and CPU  will be able to support Windows 7 XP mode?

SecurAble is a great, freeware software able to tell you if your computer CPU meets the minimum system requirements to run Windows 7 XP mode. It is a standalone application so there is no need to install it ( it means that it can also run from any USB dongle). Once you run it, SecurAble will display you its result. You will have to pay close attention to the result shown under Hardware Virtualization. If the result is “Yes” your CPU will support the XP Mode feature of Windows 7. Keep in mind that you will also need at least  1 GHz 32-bit / 64-bit processor, 1.25 GB of RAM (2GB recommended), 15 GB hard disk space per virtual Windows environment (recommended) and that Windows XP Mode is only available in Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 7 Professional, and Windows 7 Ultimate.

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