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NorhTec has just rolled out the first ultraportable PC named Gecko EduBook  powered by AA batteries! Despite this statement may look like quite hilarious,  I consider Gecko EduBook the first pioneer of a series of cheap computers running on batteries which, in a near future, will be able to free their users from the great limit to constantly look for a power source to recharge expensive Li-on batteries.  I have to tell you the truth: I like this idea!

NorhTec Gecko EduBook main features are:

  • Xcore 86 (Vortex86MX SoC) processor clocked at 1.0GHz Not that powerful, right? But it is obvious that Norhtec had to find a hardware solution employing little power. In this case the processor just consume 1.2 Watts!).
  • Internal SD card or IDE HDD (hard disk drive).
  • 256MB, 512MB, or 1Gbof RAM.
  • 8.9-inch LED back-lit display with 1024 x 600 resolution.
  • 8 NiMH AA cells, or lithium-ion battery packs, lasting four or six hours, respectively.

NorhTec Gecko EduBook cost less than $200 and will be available in July.

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  1. ricord Says:

    When in europe?

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